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  • Scaling Web Development: an Erlang Widget Platform
    2013-06-13 Erlang Central

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    In order to get the control of our websites, at Spilgames we decided to create a platform to ease the development process. The platform contains versioned widgets that get combined for building webpages. It also includes simple web tools for deploying and rolling them back and a native support for A/B testing. Our mission is keeping full control of what happens in our portals while being able to just increase the number of developers for getting more traction in our web projects. Talk objecti ...

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  • Spilgames Storage Platform
    2013-03-18 Erlang Central


    Describing the architecture of the abstraction layer we use for storage. The main properties of the platform are: - Massively scalable - A transparent layer for sharding - Works with any storage backend (MySQL, RIAK...) - Offers caching - Can be queried used native erlang or HTTP (JSON or ProtocolBuffers) Talk objectives: Showing the properties of the Spilgames Storage platform. Sharing some details of the internal implementation and the thinking process that led us to implementing ...

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