Software Engineer – Growth

Location: San Francisco, CA
Job type:
Expire date: 2017-04-30

Job description

Here’s a crazy idea: build a voice and text chat app people actually care about with a remarkable, creative, hilarious (read: insane) team.  Work on Discord, one of the most widely deployed React applications used by millions of people all over the world.
Are you passionate about building extremely quick product iterations across the entire breadth of the product? Do you love looking at data and seeing the results of your changes the next day? Does it annoy you when notifications are built as an afterthought? Do you care about the very first impression our users have of our product? Do you love working on all parts of the product and learning lots of different things as a result?
If these are the kinds of problems that interest you, then we would love to chat.


What you'll be doing

    • Full Stack: Developing Discord across all platforms and OSes
    • Rapidly prototyping and building product iterations focused on retention & engagement.
    • Collaborating with designers and engineers to ship full vertical features directly to production.
    • Developing systems that manage all user touch points: push notifications, emails & in-app messaging.
    • Architecting efficient and creative solutions to scale our React applications

What you should have

    • Experience working on consumer React applications
    • Data driven with attention to detail.
    • Solid engineering capability with an eye towards performance and responsiveness.
    • Experience with React and Flux
    • Proficient with ES6
    • Self motivation and the ability to take a high level goal and deliver shippable code.

Bonus Points

    • Experience with Objective-C or Java on iOS/Android
    • Experience working on, and deploying, large scale backend systems in Python, Go, Elixir/Erlang, or other similar languages.
    • If you have these bonus points, you’ll be shipping full vertical features directly to production
    • Javascript tooling experience writing Babel and Webpack plugins
    • Experience with the Erlang VM / WebRTC.
Discord is a small startup with a big vision: to build a next generation PC gaming company. Founded by the team behind OpenFeint, we're a small group of passionate gamers who have grown services to more than 300,000,000 users and built the critically acclaimed MOBA Fates Forever.