Software Engineer – Build Engineering

DemonWare, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Job type: full time
Salary: DOE
Expire date: 2015-02-28

Job description

The Build Engineering team is responsible for developing and maintaining the build and test infrastructure at DemonWare. Our internal teams leverage these platforms to ensure that the wide range of hosted services they develop for some of the largest game franchises on the planet, such as Call of Duty and Skylanders, are fully tested from initial development to final deployment.

We develop our services using Python, C++ and Erlang, backed by MySQL, Cassandra and other supporting technologies such as RabbitMQ, Sphinx, Zookeeper and Redis. Our development is geared towards low-latency and large-scale distributed systems that can handle millions of concurrently connected users with average response times of < 100 ms.

We are looking for an experienced Build Engineer to develop our build and test infrastructure around this multi-layer tech stack across both development and operational teams. This involves consulting with teams on requirements, developing tools and managing infrastructure to support these requirements, and then supporting the on-going maintenance of this build and test infrastructure. This role also involves working to develop and implement best practices across teams to ensure that the quality and reliability of the services being developed are maintained.

Some of the team’s recent and on-going projects include:

  • Creating automated loadtest infrastructure that can run a nightly loadtest against our tech stack and provide on-going reporting on performance regressions or improvements.
  • Developing tools for management of our repos which allow for traceability of software artifacts from testing to deployment.
  • Transitioning from bare metal testing on one of our "snowflake" servers to container based testing using Docker, allowing for a significant improvement in test throughput and reliability.

Candidate description

Main technical responsibilities include:

  • Improving and maintaining our Continuous Deployment system using Bamboo
  • Working closely with internal teams to improve how they test and deploy software by helping to design and develop test plans.
  • Improving and maintaining our deployment and testing tools
  • Improving test coverage and supplying feedback about code quality to teams using test results and reports
  • Proactively improving build and test speed on new and existing builds
  • Delivering technical collateral including best practice guides & whitepapers on testing of DemonWare technology



  • Experience with Continuous Deployment tools, such as Bamboo, Jenkins or Travis
  • Experience with virtualization and container technologies, such as VMWare, LXC or Docker
  • Experience with package management tech (especially RPM or deb)
  • Linux administration-level knowledge and debugging skills
  • Experience developing with Python, C++
  • Experience with IDEs such as Visual Studio
  • Familiar with SCM tools such as git and svn

DemonWare, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, specializes in creating client- and server-side networking software for video games, including titles in the Call of Duty franchise, all Skylanders titles, Destiny and Diablo 3.