Software Engineer

Location: Houston
Job type:
Expire date: 2017-02-28

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated, positive and experienced Software Engineer to work as part of the Processing Platform team to design, develop and deliver capabilities that will orchestrate and measure the advanced security and compliance analytics solutions that are a core component of the Alert Logic Security as a Service (SaaS) platform. The ideal candidate will possess a strong software development and automation background delivering novel software solutions for large-scale distributed analytics systems.
Primary Responsibilities

  • Design, implement and test fast and scalable software in Erlang to be run in a distributed environment
  • Participate in challenging development process within multinational team of professionals, driving most of technical activities inside the team
  • Take advantage of modern distributed techniques in development (MapReduce, eventual consistency, cloud computing, etc.)
  • Create complex mathematical algorithms for analyzing huge volumes of data
  • Create efficient and elegant solutions using bleeding-edge technologies
  • Accept challenges in designing and delivering solid code on time
  • Participate in debates and discussions with technical specialists
  • Be proactive and responsive
  • Participate in software deployments
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Required Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years of Linux/Unix software development experience in any of the following programming languages C/C++/Erlang/Python/Perl /Java
  • Understanding of network protocols such as IP, TCP, UDP, and HTTP
  • Comfortable working in a Unix/Linux environment and the command line
  • Experience writing functional and unit tests
  • Design and development skills in Python, Ruby, Perl or similar scripting language
  • 2+ years of experience developing production software on Unix-based systems
  • Experience with continuous integration platforms such as Jenkins, Bamboo, CruiseControl
  • Experience using Agile software development

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Experience with Functional programming concepts
  • Experience working with large distributed systems or big data
  • Experience with Enterprise security solutions
  • Experience with implementing solutions in a Cloud infrastructure such as AWS.
  • Production experience with NoSQL database technology: Riak, Voldemort, or Cassandra
  • Demonstrated distributed systems programming skills building scalable services
  • Experience building or working with multi-tenant, or software as a service platforms
  • Experience with, one or more map-reduce frameworks
  • Experience building SOA solutions
  • Experience using virtual environments- VMWare, Xen
  • Experience with automated configuration management tools- Puppet, Chef
  • Experience creating and tuning high volume transaction SQL databases
  • Understanding of serialization formats, particularly JSON, protobufs
  • Network configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting

Candidate description

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