Simulation-as-a-Service Platform Engineer

Location: United States
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Expire date: 2017-02-07

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Project Description
The Simulation-as-a-Service system is a hosted service that provides users on-demand access to simulation applications over the web. The system provisions resources on the cloud on demand. It supports many concurrent simulation runs. The guest simulations are monitored in detail throughout their life cycle and failures are automatically mitigated by the system. The system is distributed across multiple cloud regions, is highly available and scales up dynamically to accommodate more users.

We are putting together a team to take this system to production. You are expected to take ownership, be self driven and make the product a success. You will have input in the system design to drive a great experience for our users. You will be working with leading edge open source technologies in a very challenging field.

Schneider Electric owns some of the world’s best software for simulating industrial processes - from beer brewing to nuclear power plants. We are building a Simulation-as-a-Service platform for cloud hosting our Simulation Software, on demand and at scale. Join our international team to design and implement the platform and take it to production.

The SaaS platform is a distributed cloud management application that is designed to be highly scalable and resilient with respect to failures in the underlying cloud infrastructure. The ideal candidate would have a solid grounding in either Java or Scala and an interest in functional programming and distributed systems.
Experience or interest in Actor frameworks, with asynchronous message passing, like Erlang and Akka would be a bonus. Working knowledge of RESTful web services would be advantageous. Other technologies in use include Cassandra and distributed file systems.

A solid foundation in software engineering on the JVM and distributed systems. 5+ years of relevant experience.

Some experience with the following would be advantageous but can be learned during our on-boarding process:
● Scala
● Akka
● Cassandra
● Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure IaaS

Tagged Skills
Distributed Systems
Reactive Programming
Event Driven Systems

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