Senior Software Engineer – Front-End Performance

Location: San Francisco, CA
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Expire date: 2017-04-30

Job description

The Role:

As a Senior Software Engineer focused on front-end performance you will work with a team of software engineers to create the best possible experiences for students.  Do you thrive on analyzing every millisecond in the Chrome Timeline and optimizing code to get content to the screen as quickly as possible?  Do you yearn to then measure the result of these optimizations at the request-level across millions of page views each day?  In this role, you will partner with multiple product teams and impact over 65 million students.

We’ve built a programmatic advertising solution that leverages header bidding to get highly-relevant ads  in front of our users and enable students to use our products free of charge.  Your challenge is to help us do this as efficiently as possible. Data is at the heart of our work and we have a real-time system that streams data from every user interaction into an ELK stack at a rate of 500GB/day.  We work closely with our team of data scientists to analyze this data, build models, and A/B test heavily.

This position is based in San Francisco, CA and is responsible for the following:

  • Ongoing analysis of our products’ browser performance
  • Develop & refine Javascript/CSS/DOM optimizations in our front-end ad codebase
  • Engage with other product teams to drive future strategy and best practices around front-end performance
  • Explore and experiment with new technologies/approaches as they become available


  • Extensive understanding of javascript & browser engines (V8, Blink/Webkit, Gecko, etc)
  • Experience writing modular Javascript, TDD, git
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivated, highly-responsible, passionate about creating the best possible experiences for students.


  • Experience with the ELK stack and/or Spark
  • Experience with concurrent server-side languages such as Erlang, Go, Elixir
  • Experience with AWS
  • Open source contributor
  • Experience with ad-tech

Organization: Engineering

Engineering teams are central to Chegg – they comprise both the client-facing interface and the backbone of our products, building everything we offer; running, tracking and making ship happen!  Engineering is composed of teams with accomplished individual contributors, influencers, visionaries, and teachers.  The various teams define technology strategy at Chegg, providing critical elements of the support that enables us to serve our students with reliable, high performance and disruptive software.

Team: Writing Services

The goal of the Writing Services Team is to provide students with effective writing solutions to better their academic careers. Currently composed of 4 of the largest student citation services in the world -,,, and, the team reaches students from all over the world. The sites each have millions of unique visitors a year (almost 30 million combined), and has the potential to make a broad impact on students’ lives throughout the world.

Citations play a critical role in students’ writing process, also proven by the thousands of institutions who have registered to use EasyBib. As a requirement of any academic writing, citations also service the needs of creators of content, by offering credit where credit is due.

We develop multiple products in parallel, in small dedicated teams. We are proud to work on high-quality code using modern development methods and technologies. Continuous integration and delivery, automated tests and quick development turnarounds are cornerstones of our development agenda.

As we grow rapidly, we are looking for a manager in a principal engineer role to help us to lead our engineering teams.

Our engineers are smart, lean and flexible. They love solving difficult challenges. They look to their managers for organizational transparency, career development, mentorship, and fast feedback. In this role, you'll lead 5-7 engineers in multiple teams and distributed on several continents. You'll work closely with your team, product managers, designers, QA engineers and other engineering teams to bring the citation platforms and their infrastructure to life. You’ll keep the teams efficient and executing on the right goals.

About Chegg:

As the leading student-first connected learning platform, Chegg's Student Hub makes higher education more affordable and more accessible, all while improving student outcomes. Chegg is a publicly-held company based in Santa Clara, California and trades on the NYSE under the symbol CHGG and has 900+ employees with offices in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Portland, New York, Israel, Berlin, and Ukraine. Chegg Student Hub Services Include: Chegg Study, Chegg Tutoring, Careers Search, Internship Admissions, and College Admissions.

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