Senior Routing Infrastructure Developer

Come work on one of the most impressive Erlang routers around

Location: San Francisco, CA
Job type: full time
Salary: Negotiable
Expire date: 2015-07-31

Job description

We're seeking a passionate developer to help us build and scale the Heroku routing infrastructure. Your role would be to design, engineer, tune, deploy, monitor and operate the heavy duty routing infrastructure behind the Heroku platform. The Routing team focuses on providing flexible, fast, stable and secure edge systems for the world's leading PaaS product. Our areas of ownership currently include Heroku's dynamic routing layer, the SSL termination product and the control plane components that replicate state between the router and the rest of the platform. A significant portion of the Heroku routing infrastructure is written in Erlang, so we are looking for someone with at least some experience with Erlang and OTP. Heroku has a strong operational culture.  We are seeking engineers that optimize for operations throughout the development process. Ideal candidates are diligent and disciplined, write tests and documentation, display a commitment to quality software and are effective at thread-pulling* and deep diving into ambiguous technical issues.  

* thread-pulling is the practice of initiating an open ended investigation by starting with an observed symptom and tracing it through the system to isolate the root cause.

Candidate description


Experience developing Erlang OTP applications

Experience operating production systems at scale

Interest in or knowledge of protocols (TLS, HTTP, DNS)

We don’t require candidates to be experts in both Erlang development and operating production systems.  Expert-level experience in one and intermediate-level experience in the other is sufficient.


You should be passionate about:

Operations, testing, documentation, thread-pulling

High throughput, highly available distributed systems

Open source software


Bonus skills:

Familiarity with networking principles (TCP stack) and debugging skills (tcpdump, wireshark)

Experience developing HTTP(S) services, familiar with HTTP/1.1 spec

Distributed systems experience

Experience with AWS services (EC2, S3, ELB, Route53, CloudFront)

Go, Ruby

SQL and NoSQL Databases (e.g. Redis, PostgreSQL)

Unix, Git

Experience with the Heroku platform



Heroku’s headquarters are located in San Francisco.  The Routing team is distributed around the US and Canada.  We require some overlap in workday schedule and sufficient distributed work experience for remote candidates.


The Team:

Heroku Routing team members have published books, spoken at many conferences and contributed to some awesome open source projects.

About Heroku

Heroku is a thriving business unit of We are based in a beautiful office in SOMA, San Francisco, a second office in Vancouver, British Columbia and we have remote employees on four continents and thirteen countries. Our work environment is fun, flexible, and collaborative. We are focused on technical and operational excellence and customer success. Together we are changing the way web application development and deployment happens.