Senior Back-End Engineer

Help us building the most challenging communication platform, ever.

Location: London, UK
Job type: full time
Salary: $90,000 – $140,000 (0.1%-1.0% equity)
Expire date: 2015-10-31

Job description

We’re looking for someone who can join the platform team to help us build, scale and maintain the software services which define the core messaging components of Mainframe. You would have immediate influence on the design and direction of our platform and protocol.

At Mainframe you will face some of the most difficult challenges in modern software engineering. The scale at which our systems must operate will require not only producing and using highly-performant algorithms and data structures, but also solving complex problems involving distributed systems, operational transformation algorithms, and security. Much of our server-side code will be open source. Your craftsmanship and hard work will always be on display.

Candidate description


  • An excitement for the Mainframe vision and opportunity
  • 5+ years of experience building high performance, high-volume, fault-tolerant, scalable distributed systems
  • You want to come in each morning because you have hard problems to solve
  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • You write tests and you feel rage when anyone commits without them
  • You find bugs, slow algorithms, and sloppy code personally offensive
  • Major plus: Active contributor to open source community
  • A hacker at heart. Intellectually curious, collaborative, self-motivated, fast learner that is comfortable with venturing into the unknown
  • Our backend is built in Erlang/Elixir so direct experience is preferred



  • Work at one of London’s fastest growing startups, with Silicon Valley DNA
  • Flexible work times and holiday schedules
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Choose the tools you need to be productive
  • Office space conducive to focus but still space for fun
  • Unlimited snacks
  • Team Events
  • Quarterly “Hack Weeks” to work on pet projects
  • Conference and training budget
  • Flat hierarchy, with founders who have already had successful startup exits
  • Coworkers who want to change the world


Email was invented almost 40 years ago. It isn’t conducive to modern day use-cases, especially in the workplace. At the heart of all the problems is a lack of structure & context in email — constant copying & pasting, lack of interoperability with other applications. We have a better way.

Mainframe is the workspace for getting things done. It enables purposeful, structured collaboration while maintaining tight integration with legacy email. It’s the first application you open and the last application you close. Similar to the mainframes of old, the modern day Mainframe is where all the most important information passes through. It’s the connective tissue of the workplace. It’s reliable, secure and essential to productivity.

To read more about our hiring values, check out our blog post:

Mainframe is backed by some of the top US and European venture capital investors. Mainframe is an equal opportunity employer.