Lead Cloud Solution Architect

Connecting to the world

Location: Wan Chai,Hong Kong
Job type: full time
Salary: HKD 40K plus
Expire date: 2015-01-31

Job description


• Design, planning, implement and deploy server side application on large scale cross region Cloud computing infrastructure.

• Work with different teams such as Server Engineer, Database Admin and Mobile Application Engineers on application implementation and deployment.

• Manage, maintain and monitor all services on Cloud system.

• Server security , data encryption/protection and hacks detection.

• Implement and deploy comprehensive load testing, design and develop services health checking and optimization.

• Design and implement server architecture for large scale cross region services.

• Keep up-to-date with recent technological and software developments.

Candidate description


• Degree holder or above in Information Technology/Computer Science or related discipline.  

• 5 years experience in system analysis /system administration/system architecture.  

• Experiences on cloud computing such as Amazon AWS, RDS, Route53,S3, Auto scaling, Firewall management, ELB..etc   

• Design and implement XDC (cross data center) for massive schedule system on cloud.   

• Knowledge in config and deploy open source server applications such as Nagios, Logstash, fail2ban...etc    

• Knowledge on system security / anti hack and performance tuning.  

• Knowledge / insight on mass concurrent Instant messaging system will be an advantage.   

• Strong problem solving skills and self-motivated.  

• Good communication and interpersonal skills.   

• Good in both written ad spoken in English.

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