Erlang/Linux embedded FW programmer

Build your favorite IoT gadget with Plum

Location: Anywhere
Job type:
Salary: Competitive
Expire date: 2017-05-31

Job description

The Plum Lightpad runs a 400MHz ARM7 with embedded Linux. The firmware is written in Erlang. The lightpad has been in production for over a year and we need some help with some changes to functionality, features and performance. The job will likely be contract work to start, but for the right candidate, permanent employment is possible. We're in Austin, but have remote engineers as well.

Candidate description

You'll need Erlang and Linux experience. You'll need to be in North America as you'll be working with hardware that is 120V/60Hz and approved for North America only at this time.

The Plum Lightpad is the most advanced IoT light dimmer available. It connects via WiFi and BLE and receives an IP address directly from your router. You can control your lights from your smartphone over LAN or WAN. The Lightpad has a multi-touch user interface for multiple functions. Use a single finger to control the local lightpad. Use two fingers to control all the lights in the same room or a group that you define. Use three fingers to turn off all the lights in the house. The Lightpad has a PIR sensor and a RBG LED that glows as you approach it. Create scenes and events to control groups of lights when you need them. iOS app finished. Android, IFTTT, Google Home are in beta.