Erlang Development Specialist

Location: Copenhagen
Job type:
Salary: 8500
Expire date: 2017-02-28

Job description

For our client's IT Department, which is leading in their business we search for 4 dedicated Erlang Developers, who can work in the HQ and/or connect remote if you live outside Denmark.

The Erlang Development Specialist qualifications:

- A M/K aged 18-35 is specified
- You live within Denmark, The nordic Countries and Balticum OR in Europe
- You are willing to fly to Copenhagen 1-3 days a month
- 2 years Erlang experience is required
- You can live all around the world and work remotely to our clients servers in a TIER3 Datacenter
- Working hours is from 09:00-16:30 +/- 4 hours flex time
- Please send the Erlang relevant specified CV to our e-mail
- Salary: According to age, qualifications, education and certifications from 8.500-9.995€/month and 10% pension

Talent Finder(R) Europe

About our client: Our client is a recognised developer of server hosting center applications to some of the largest companies and brands in the Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. They now use Erlang in their coming strategy and has their own server hosting center solutions and a central NOC for 24 hours man powered services since 1995. About us: We are a recruiting and consultant company in the Talent Finder® network, that contains 300.000 candidates from 75 countries. We search for Erlang skilled developers age 18-35 years old for our clients which ranges from small server developers to the world's biggest companies. See our reference list. For more information call +45 321 77777 ext. 244 att. Michael Rasmussen.