Elixir Backend Developer

Location: Paris, France
Job type:
Expire date: 2017-10-02

Job description

Hipster-organic-pixel-UI crafting is not really your thing. What you like to do is getting your hands dirty writing real code. You are production-oriented. You are extremely reliable and your tests will prove it every time. You won’t even raise an eyebrow if you are asked to build an API from scratch. You started using Rails or Django way before they started to be cool. Actually, Rails is the past, welcome Phœnix! And when comes the time of code refactoring, you tackle the problem without any problem: the only thing you hate more than PHP is technical debt.


You will be in charge of the development of our Core Banking System, the central part of our tech stack, written with Elixir. We are building this entire tech stack completely from scratch, one brick at a time. On top of that, you will work closely with our frontend engineers to design the best banking API out there. With great power comes great responsibility: your work must be carefully tested. We iterate quickly and deploy our distributed components many times a day.


- Experience with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, continuous integration, design documentation…),
- Experience with dynamic programming languages (Ruby, Python…) or functional programming (Elixir, Clojure…).
- Experience with server-side development (Ruby on Rails, Phœnix).
- Experience with design of APIs.
- Perfect spelling and grammar in French.
- Decent written and spoken English.
- Self-organized with ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

We have a very ambitious goal: building a bank completely from scratch, step by step. In order to this, we want to build the best team of there, capable of obtaining our banking license upon the French Regulatory Authority in less than 18 months. We are a very young company, so you’ll have the chance to join the project from its inception. You’ll work in a company with still no technical debt (it does not happen often) or internal administrative procedures. You’ll have carte blanche to define with us what our future bank will look like. Our organisational structure is simple and efficient: those who make product decisions are the same ones who build them. We explain this in more detail in our Playbook. Our office is located in the heart of Paris (métro Bonne Nouvelle or Poissonnière), and believe it or not, not far away from the historical headquarters of French traditional banks¹. We are surrounded by all that Paris has to offer: theatres, cinemas, coffee shops, bars and covered passages. We offer a great package to all our employees including: - a competitive salary, - an awesome health coverage plan (Alan), - stock options, - public transport reimbursement (at 80%), - meal vouchers.