Developper Full-Stack

Build Robust Software

Location: Paris
Job type:
Salary: 42-60
Expire date: 2017-08-31

Job description

Welcome! We are recruiting for a new API Squad and we are looking for fullstack developers.
The goal? Making it easy for our partners to connect with us. What you can expect: complex problems solving, ingenuity and an unprecedented impact on the business
What you will do:
● Work on the API part of KBRW Platform
● Identify and implement the tools that will enable our interoperability team to scale
● Design and implement new features in collaboration with the other members of your
● Monitor carefully the performance and errors in order to guarantee a unique
experience for our B to B Client
● Work as a team to ensure the quality and maintainability of the code
● Develop Proofs of Concept in order to receive daily feedbacks from our users
● Improve the performance in production in order to scale
Hosting of meetups within KBRW office
● Time and budget for self-development: participation in conferences such as Elixir Paris, Data Geek, ReactEurope; free time dedicated to prepare talks for meetups and conferences
● Great office in the heart of Le Maris, Paris!

Our stack:
● Elixir
● ReactJS/Flux/RxJS for the frontend
● Riak DB
● Python
● Private cloud

Candidate description

Junior or senior, you already have developed and maintained code on a website in
● You like to solve complex problems and the expression “to think out of the box”
means something to you.
● You are a fullstack developer and you master a MVC framework or you are a
frontend developer willing to work on the backend.
● You master No SQL databases such as Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB etc...
● You are user-oriented and you have a very good product sense.
● You think that everything should be tested and you are convinced that eXtreme
programming practices are a must (code review, pair programming, TDD, ...).
● You are a team-player.
● You are fluent in English

KBRW is at your disposal to serve your differentiation of Today and Tomorrow by building together global IS solution: Robust, our technology is based on a PaaS, Open-Source libraries and a strong involvement in the development of the technologies we use Tailor-made, thanks to a deep understanding of your strengths and needs/features Agile and sustainable, we consider your current constraints to foresee your future needs Integrated, into your existing IS architecture, by developing specific connectors Fast deployment, thanks to our PaaS and our Operationnal Intelligence acquired over the projects. Contact me to have a beer :