Back-end Engineer (Erlang/Elixir)

Location: Remote
Job type:
Expire date: 2017-02-28

Job description

At Packlane, we help brands create impactful custom packaging -- and we need you to create the powerful code that makes it all possible. In fact, we’d be OK with you wearing a brightly colored cape at your desk, because you have X-ray vision for detecting bugs and a utility belt full of tools to eradicate them. As the ideal candidate, you understand that inventive and stable software is essential to the continued prosperity of our business — and also result in web experiences more forceful than a locomotive.

Consider Packlane a unique challenge - you’ll be in charge of code that allows people with a range of design knowledge (from novice to expert craftsman) to create a product that truly helps them tell their business’s brand story. It’s a big job, but the engineer we’re looking for will be excited to work on a career-defining start-up that’s pioneering a new approach to designing and manufacturing packaging. Join our team as a software engineer and put your super-skills to work.

What You'll Do:

* Ideate. Create. Innovate. Help our small (but ultra-productive!) team build new and wonderful products.
* Set up and manage development, staging and production environments.
* Build file processing pipelines that are always faster than a speeding bullet.
* Utilize continuous integration to keep the bugs out.
* Develop and maintain internal API’s, data pipelines, and infrastructure to streamline the ordering and manufacturing process.
* Bend steel with your bare hands (optional).

Candidate description

* Experience with Phoenix, Erlang, and Elixir
* An easy-to-work-with attitude, well-organized and highly self-motivated
* Reliable. Accountable. Dependable. And all the other good -ables. You know what they are.
* Strong work ethic and a healthy obsession with learning new things.

Packlane is an online B2B printing startup that is pioneering a brilliant solution to the packaging needs of businesses, from small and medium enterprises to larger corporations. You will be working for a company that is breaking new ground in the way brands order and design the packaging that contains their products.