Mission statement

The purpose of the Industrial Erlang User Group is to provide a forum allowing enterprise users of Erlang/OTP to work with Ericsson to secure the future health, well being and commercial success of the programming language. The aim is to complement the work Ericsson is doing in terms of libraries, tool chains, middle-ware and contributions while spreading awareness and increasing user adoption.


The User Group’s functions are to:

  • Establish a communication channel with the OTP team at Ericsson and assist with marketing Erlang and open source strategy.
  • Represent to Ericsson its combined views on a range of matters relating to Erlang including:
    • Shaping and contributing to the Erlang OTP ‘product’ roadmap as determined by the OTP team.
    • Discuss the licensing model for Erlang to ensure its future commercial success and adoption by a wider industry segment.
    • Assist Ericsson to exploit of its open source credentials as regards Erlang.
    • Work with Ericsson on joint PR-related activities as regards Erlang.
    • Such other matters as the User Group members may from time to time agree.
  • Ensure items other than those on the Ericsson roadmap, but of interest to the group members are implemented and funded, not by Ericsson, but by the user group.
  • Improve the tools chain needed to make the use of Erlang even more user friendly.
  • Publicize the benefits of Erlang/OTP as the ‘right tool for the job’.
  • Discuss and fund community related activities as it sees fit.