Location: Berlin
Type: full time

Senior Level experience with web backends, especially microservice architecture.


  • Erlang Times

    Elixir Hits 1.1, Brings new APIs, Build-time Improvements

    One year after hitting 1.0, Elixir 1.1 is out. It brings new public APIs, performance improvements, and tooling improvements. InfoQ has spoken with Jos Valim, Elixirs creator.

    Tips on game server in erlang : erlang

    I've just started learning erlang so trying to get a grasp on it, I have to build a game server in erlang along with possibly python, anyone any...

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    HTTP/1 has had a good run, and to be honest, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. What it is doing, is going through TCP connections like nobody’s business! If you’re […]

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