Lambda Academy – school of Elixir (pro edition)

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At this year’s School of Elixir we’ll focus on the IoT (Internet of Things) concept and build a small network of RasbperryPi devices backed by Nerves (a tool for writing embedded software in Elixir) and communicating through UPnP (Cloud Architecture).

To benefit from the classes fully you have to:

• be familiar with the basics of Elixir (e.g. if you get to the 9th chapter of Elixir School or are familiar with Erlang and did Erlang/Elixir Syntax: A Crash Course you’re a good candidate)

• have basic knowledge of Computer Networks

• have basic knowledge of Linux

If you expect to be taught the basics of the language, assistance with installing the environment and not doing any homework then this edition is not for you.

If you’ve got attracted to Elixir and already have played around with it a bit and you like learning by solving problems then this edition is for you. The result we are aiming at is to deliver a demo of Elixir-backed network of Iot devices.

To apply for the school fill in the form:

1st meeting 2017-04-27 5 PM

2nd meeting 2017-05-11 5 PM

3rd meeting: 2017-05-18 5 PM

4th meeting: 2017-05-25 5 PM

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Posted on April 12, 2017