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Elixir + Phoenix intro plus some ClojureScript (Ljubljana)

October 6, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

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It’s quite interesting times (again) in development… Lots of new (some old but recently re-discovered) concepts… and new languages + frameworks building on already established great ones adding some additional magic. It’s all moving to higher levels of abstraction which requires some learning but there are big gains in productivity, reliability, maintenance and… even performance.

So again, what is Elixir?

Elixir is a dynamic functional language based on almost 30 years old Erlang language and platform. Erlang is used in the systems that require high throughput and reliability (uptime). Examples of such systems are telecom servers and also big Internet apps like WhatsApp. Elixir is running on Erlang’s virtual machine called BEAM. Elixir author José Valim got inspiration from languages like Ruby, Clojure and of course Erlang. For web development with Elixir there has recently been released a version 1.0 of Phoenix framework. Phoenix and Elixir combination is distringuished by µS response times, short and long term productivity, advanced failure handling and much more. 

Slovenian description

Elixir je dinamičen funkcijski jezik, ki temelji na skoraj 30 let starem jeziku in platformi Erlang. Erlang se uporablja pri sistemih, ki zahtevajo veliko prepustnost in razpoložljivost, kot so telekomunikacijski strežniki pa tudi velike internetne aplikacije — recimo WhatsApp. Elixir poganja Erlangov virtualni stroj BEAM, za sam jezik pa je avtor José Valim dobil inspiracijo pri jezikih kot so Ruby, Clojure in seveda Erlang. Za Elixir je pred kratkim izšla tudi različica 1.0 ogrodja za spletni razvoj Phoenix, ki ga odlikujejo µS odzivni čas, kratkoročna in dolgoročna produktivnost, napredno upravljanje z napakami in še veliko drugega.

Program for this time:

• Intro talk about Elixir and a small install walkthrough with explanation of basic tooling (David K.)

• Development of a simple multiplayer game with Phoenix and ClojureScript (Tomaž Ž.)

Bring a laptop… and see you!

PS: also bring 3-5€ to spend on drinks or donation to Poligon, they deserve it



October 6, 2015
6:00 pm


Kreativni center Poligon
Tobačna ulica 5 , Ljubljana,