Erlang Factory SF Bay 2015 – Bruce Tate – Tests Can Be Beautiful

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Testing is the red-headed stepchild of the development world, but tests can be beautiful. Whether you’re coding Erlang or Elixir, by using a few tools and adopting a few principles, the Elixir language has just what you need to dramatically improve your overall development experience.

Talk objectives:

- You will learn to treat your test cases as first class citizens. The ShouldI framework will help you reduce duplication, code concurrent tests that run fast, and organize your tests using a custom language that’s trivial to read, easy to extend in all of the right places, and light years beyond the typical x-unit packages.

Target audience:

- Both Erlang developers who would like to learn to leverage Elixir scripting for tests and Elixir developers who want more out of their testing libraries will benefit tremendously from this talk. We’ll be using some Elixir, but the code we’ll be writing should be easy to understand by both Erlang and Elixir developers.

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Posted on March 31, 2015