By Marcus Taylor | Published: July 9, 2013

Get started with Exosense by downloading the tutorial below.


Exosense device is an open source end-to-end platform focusing on embedded and distributed application development. Exosense server hosting and licensing model links costs to revenue while providing carrier grade device management for new and existing assets.

Build your own Exosense device application, flash it on your device and test it through the Exosense server.

Exosense Demo Tutorial 

Now that we have released the Exosense Device stack, we’d like to briefly go through the components that it is built from. While Exosense Device can be viewed as a complete embedded development framework with a (Yocto-based) build system, it is in reality much more an aggregate of loosely coupled components in the form of erlang applications. You can use these components either as a part of the Exosense framework, or extract some of them and use them stand-alone in your projects.