Tutorial – QuickCheck specification for free

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In this 90 minute tutorial we present a tool which can automatically
derive QuickCheck specifications from Erlang programs. These
specifications consist of “interesting facts” about the program under
test, which can be used to improve program comprehension, and for
future testing as the software evolves. Surprising facts–or missing
ones–can quickly reveal inconsistencies in the design of the software.

will gain hands-on experience with automatic generation of software
specifications, and learn which symptoms to look for when judging
whether these specifications correspond to a correct implementation.


  • Nick Smallbone

    Functional programmer and member of the ProTest project - Chalmers University of Technology
    Quviq AB

    Nick Smallbone is a PhD student at Chalmers, where he spends his time doing functional programming, and is also involved in the ProTest project. He is one of the authors of QuickSpec, the tool that will be presented in the tutorial.

    Nick Smallbone
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Posted on November 13, 2009