Prevention is better than cure (unit testing in Erlang)

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Well written unit tests are a great way to ensure the correctness of software components, document their public APIs and facilitate the refactoring of code bases. The most prominent features of EUnit – Erlang’s unit testing framework will be demonstrated by example. Time permitting we’ll also take a quick glance at “meck” – a mocking framework for Erlang.

Talk objectives: Show how Erlang software components can be unit tested in an effective and elegant fashion. Elucidate some of the more “esoteric” EUnit constructs.

Target audience: Software Developers


  • Muharem Hrnjadovic

    Problem solver and time-to-code transformer

    Muharem Hrnjadovic is as a senior engineer with the Swiss Seismological Service and hacks mainly in Python. His general area of interest is the construction of industrial strength software systems. He dabbles in functional programming, messaging and newfangled data stores when left to his own devices.

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    Muharem Hrnjadovic
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Posted on April 23, 2012