Hello World in Erlang. Reloaded.

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Hello is a RPC Toolkit written in Erlang. This talk will go through the history, features and use cases of this toolkit to give the audience a idea of what Hello wants to be. A comparison with other toolkits will be given. Lastly the roadmap will be discussed and hopefully extended with ideas from the audience.

Talk objectives: Present the audience with another option to consider when writing services in Erlang.
Target audience: Erlang developers and software architects


  • Tino Breddin

    Technical Director at Travelping
    Travelping GmbH

    Tino Breddin has vast experience in building scalable, highly-reliable systems for messaging, data storage and payments. During his work at SAP Labs and Erlang Solutions he has fostered a culture of innovation without compromising stability to build services for tomorrow's world.
    He is currently Technical Director of Travelping GmbH where he tries to push beyond "stable" systems by leveraging cutting-edge high-quality technology.

    Tino Breddin
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Posted on September 29, 2012