Enterprise Integration

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What happens when someone who works on enterprise integration tools and
solutions for years steps back and takes a good look around? He
realises just how poor many enterprise integration systems really are.
In this talk, Steve will describe his experiences building RPC, CORBA,
J2EE, and Web Service (SOAP/WSDL) systems over the course of nearly 20
years, how the Web is finally influencing enterprise integration for
the better, and how he’s realized in hindsight just how much Erlang
could have greatly helped the situation.


  • Steve Vinoski

    Steve Vinoski, is the author of a regular column entitled, "Toward Integration" for IEEE Internet Computing, he has authored and co-authored approximately 80 highly-regarded publications on distributed computing and enterprise integration for magazines such as, IEEE Internet Computing, C/C++ Users Jounral and C++ Report and is the co-author of Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ (APC) with Michi Henning.

    Steve is currently a member of technical staff at Verivue, a startup in Westford, Massachusetts, USA. He was previously chief architect and Fellow at IONA Technologies for a decade, prior to that he held various software and hardware engineering positions at Hewlett-Packard, Apollo Computer and Texas Instruments.

    Steve's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on Enterprise Integration.

    Steve Vinoski
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Posted on June 23, 2008