Complex Event Processing on Arbitrary Data in Real-Time

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Myrmas is a new, open source, low-level complex event processing system that serves as the core for 10io`s innovative new product AutonomicI/O. AutonomicI/O identifies anomalies in infrastructure telemetry data, and takes the appropriate proactive autonomic action to circumvent the costly unplanned IT outage(s) that would have resulted.
This presentation will provide an overview of how Myrmas was architected to reduce re-execution and dramatically increase the ability to distribute computation across nodes, including how the unique term destructuring algorithm was designed to leverage a heavily-customized Rete algorithm, and how and why Standard ML was incorporated with Erlang at the core of the system.
Talk objectives: Introduce people to Myrmas, a new distributed rete implementation for Erlang as well as discuss mixed language implementations in the ERTS.
Target audience: Developers.


  • Eric Merritt

    Co-Founder & CTO Afiniate

    Eric is a veteran entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He is expert in the architecture, development and deployment of large-scale distributed systems on heterogeneous hardware, and the languages and platforms required to support them. His experience spans from IBM mainframe and mid-range systems, to distributed build systems and massive fleet deployment tools for, and to high-frequency trading systems and financial exchange systems for leading private brokerages. Eric is a co-author of the popular book “Erlang and OTP in Action”.

    Favourite quote: "Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code."

    twitter: @ericbmerritt

    Eric Merritt
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Posted on May 28, 2012