A ride in the bowels of Erlang web servers

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Paolo will focus on Erlang HTTP servers. By going through some of the internals of few web servers written in Erlang, let’s see what kind of different solutions were adopted to solve the same problem and learn how Erlang building blocks were used to build these products.

Target audience: Everyone who’s curious to take a look at how Erlang we servers work


  • Paolo Negri

    Opensource enthusiast

    Opensource citizen kind of geek, started a career 10 years ago as a linux sysadmin, then switched to a developer profile following the emerging ruby wave. After admiring the elegance of projects like RabbitMQ or Riak he is now involved in writing distributed apps based on Erlang. He has spoken at a few international conferences and enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences.

    Paolo Negri
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Posted on September 29, 2012