PolyConf 16 Satellite Cracow

By Erlang Central | Published: April 12, 2016

PolyConf Satellite meetings are about bringing together people interested in polyglot approach to programming with the aim to promote local companies and communities.

Register at: https://eventil.com/polyconf/polyconf-satellite-x-cracow


We are happy to have Erlang Solutions and Nukomeet on board! Event will take place in hub:raum A chance to win PolyConf ticket! From those of you who will track this event on Eventil we are going to draw a free ticket for a conference PolyConf16. Don’t think twice! 🙂


Elixir and Elm – the perfect couple

Elixir and Elm are made for each other. The Elixir approach based on sending messages between processes is really close to Elm approach based on signals. This allows easy integration between the two. There are also key differences that made them perfect for their job. Elixir is a perfect fit for web application backend while Elm is the greatest language available for writing frontends. I will show the similarities and differences along with benefits of using those two together.

Can Erlang be glued to other languages?

Wondering if it’s possible to use just a subset of Erlang, without porting your battle-tested business logic in order to benefit from Erlang/OTP’s: – robustness – fault tolerance – perhaps just the Erlang Distributed layer? In this talk I’m going to present three approaches to interoperation with the Erlang VM, depending on what you can sacrifice. I will also show a real-life example of one of them.

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