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By brucify | Published: April 2, 2015

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Now you can access a regularly-updated repository of your favorite Erlang projects’
documentation over at http://other.erldocs.com/
You can search for a repository on the home page
or just paste a repo’s URL in the OpenSearch bar.
• A redirection to the other.erldocs.com page:
• The other.erldocs.com page:
• Project’s documentation for tag “v0.3.1”:
• Project’s documentation for branch “devbranch”:
• Erlang repository information:
• Log of repo’s build
Code for generating repos’ erldocs: https://github.com/erldocs/erldocs_other
Repo hosting the full webiste: https://github.com/erldocs/other.erldocs.com
• If an Erlang repo is not listed please submit an issue.
• meta.txt does not hold too much information for now, but should allow for statistical analysis later on.
• The website should be updated often enough (more than once a week)
• You’ll notice some 404s: keep in mind this is a work in progress!
Pierre Fenoll


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