NkPACKET released

By carlosjgf | Published: April 20, 2015


NkPACKET: Generic Erlang transport layer

NkPACKET is a new generic transport layer for Erlang, that can be used to develop high perfomance, low latency network servers, clients and proxies.


  • Support for UDP, TCP/TLS, SCTP and WS/WSS.
  • STUN server.
  • Connection-oriented (even for UDP).
  • DNS engine with full support for NAPTR and SRV location, including priority and weights.
  • URL-mapping of servers and connections.
  • Wrap over Cowboy to write domain-specific, high perfomance http servers.

NkPACKET uses Cowboy, Ranch and Cowlib, and needs Erlang >= 17. It is tested on Linux and OSX.

Download it from https://github.com/Nekso/nkpacket. Comments very welcomed.