Nine Nines: Cowboy 2.0 pre-release 4

By brucify | Published: January 3, 2017

This is the new recommended version of Cowboy. While I would not recommend putting it in production just yet, I do recommend you start writing new applications with this Cowboy version.

The most significant changes in the pre-release are:

A new architecture: there now is one process per connection and one process per request. This was done because HTTP/2 allows running requests concurrently.

Stream handlers. Every request, response and data goes through stream handlers. They are meant to replace hooks and more. They will be documented in a future pre-release. Check cowboy_stream and cowboy_stream_h if interested.

Numerous changes to the cowboy_req interface. This is very close to final. Check the manual for what changed.

The Req object is no longer passed in Websocket callbacks.

It is now possible to send frames directly from websocket_init/1.

SPDY support was removed, now that we have HTTP/2.

Update Ranch to 1.3. We still depend on Cowlib master for the time being.

A much improved manual.

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