New webinar “MongooseIM 2.0.0: the messaging platform offering the power of XMPP with the simplicity of REST API”

By Erlang Solutions | Published: November 14, 2016

16:00 GMT (16:00 UTC; 17:00 CET; 08:00 PST)

MongooseIM is a full-stack, real-time, mobile messaging platform. It is one of the most scalable XMPP servers out there and the 2.0.0 release has a strong mobile focus. The version is equipped with support for several features of the XMPP protocol, offering practical solutions to customer problems. With extended REST API, MUC Light and PubSub MongooseIM opens a wide range of possibilities in the real-time application space.

Nicolas Verite – MongooseIM Product Owner and Ludwik Bukowski – MongooseIM developer will talk you though the new features of the platform and how they make the wonders of XMPP available to developers all around the world.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The innovative extension for contemporary and simpler group chats
  • The new Publish Subscribe module for real-time non-chat applications, parallelised tests and REST API, both for backend integration, and for client/server development

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