New webinar – “Megaload – The Age of Load Testing”

By Erlang Central | Published: July 29, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014 – 16:00


Megaload is a scalable, high performance load testing tool that provides automatic deployment on cloud environments allowing simulating a massive amount of load to stress the system. The powerful real time measurement system provides all information needed to monitor the tests through graphical user interface.
The architecture of Megaload allows adding new protocols and features with a small effort. As such, it can be customized as per customer requirements.

Megaload was born to resolve the challenges our customers were facing while testing their systems with the existing tools.

If you are looking to implement a load testing tool, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference Megaload can bring to your business.

Erlang Solutions invites you to join Torben Hoffmann (CTO, Erlang Solutions) Diana Corbacho (Megaload Expert at Erlang Solutions) for an insightful discussion on the need of load testing tools and how you can implement Megaload within your organization.

In this webinar we’ll learn:

–       How to approach the load testing of web services using Megaload?
–       Our experiences in writing a load testing tool in Erlang
–       Use cases for Megaload
–       Key industries where Megaload can be deployed
–       Demo of Megaload

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