New webinar: Erlang in High Energy Physics Laboratory Fermilab

By Erlang Central | Published: December 3, 2015

Fermilab is America’s particle physics laboratory. In this webinar, scientists Dennis J. Nicklaus and Richard M Neswold will describe how Erlang is used in controls applications of particle physics research. They will provide an overview of some of the scientific experiments ongoing at the lab and the accelerator infrastructure which provides beam to those experiments. They will show where the Erlang-based components fit in the accelerator control system, including a framework for accelerator controls data acquisition and a data pool manager for control system client data requests. They will delve into the data pool manager more deeply to illustrate why Erlang was an excellent choice for this application, and show features of Erlang that expand the capabilities of the data pool manager. Join us on 16 Dec at 17:00 GMT (11:00 CST; 9:00 PST)