A new way to include Elvis in your project

By Euen | Published: December 30, 2015



Recently Erlang.mk it was updated and now we have a new way to include Elvis (the fantastic Erlang style reviewer) in your projects as a plugin.


How? is simple only you need to add the following in your Makefile:

BUILD_DEPS = elvis_mk

dep_elvis_mk = git git@github.com:inaka/elvis.mk.git c3bb3f5

DEP_PLUGINS = elvis_mk


Run make help in order to check what targets are available for elvis.mk.


For example you can run make elvis:

Loading files...
Loading src/your_module.erl
Applying rules...
# src/your_module.erl [FAIL]
  - operator_spaces
    - Missing space after "," on line 27
Loading files...
Loading Makefile
Applying rules...
# Makefile [OK]
Loading files...
Loading elvis.config
Applying rules...
# elvis.config [OK]
make: *** [elvis] Error 1






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