LeoFS 1.1 has been released

By Erlang Central | Published: August 6, 2014

LeoFS is an unstructured object/data storage for the Web and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.

    - Github:  https://github.com/leo-project/leofs
    - Website: http://leo-project.net/leofs

You're able to see the CHANGELOG for details on what's changed with LeoFS v1.1.0.

    - CHANGELOG: https://github.com/leo-project/leofs/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

We've implemented "NFS Support" as one of the LeoFS protocols and pulished "LeoFS with NFS" on our Web site. It is the alpha version.
We're going to improve it gradually.

    - LeoFS with NFS: http://leo-project.net/leofs/docs/configuration_5.html

As one more new feature, we provided "leofs-adm" script, which makes administrative operations of LeoFS very easy.
    - leofs-adm: https://github.com/leo-project/leofs/blob/master/leofs-adm


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