Lambda Jam – a new conference for hands-on FP learning

By Andra Erlang | Published: June 18, 2013

Lambda Jam is a new conference created to bring together functional programmers from many language communities in a format that focuses on hands-on learning. Lambda Jam ( will take place in Chicago July 8-10. Registration ( rates are currently $475 but you can get $50 off with discount code ERLANG.
Erlang is one of several languages featured in the program (in addition to Clojure, Scala, Haskell, and F#). Joe Armstrong (co-inventor of Erlang) will be providing a keynote “Systems that run forever self-heal and scale”. Additionally, Gerald Sussman (co-inventor of Scheme) and David Nolen (Clojure’s core.logic) will be keynoting as well. Check out the full schedule ( for all the great talks available.
Each day of the conference features traditional sessions in the morning with hands-on workshops or “jams” in the afternoon. The jams are opportunities for everyone to develop solutions to fun problems and show off the most interesting features of their chosen language or approach.

Erlang talks and workshops include:
* Distributed Programming with Riak Core and Pipe ( – John Daily
* Finite State Machines – Why the fear? ( – Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
* Addressing Network Congestion in Riak Clusters ( – Steve Vinoski
* Let it Crash: Erlang Fault Tolerance ( – Tristan Sloughter
* QuickCheck: A Silver Bullet for testing? ( – Joseph Wayne Norton
* Building Applications in Erlang ( – Garrett Smith
* Functional Web Applications with Webmachine (