Lager 3.0.0 is here!

By brucify | Published: July 23, 2015

As promised the long awaited lager 3.0.0 branch was pushed to master today. A new tag 3.0.0 is also available if you want to pin your deps.  Our testing gives us good confidence that 3.0.0 should be mostly-backwards compatible with 2.x (please note that tracing semantics are NOT backward compatible. See the README in the repo for details.)

Highlights of the new features and improvements in 3.0 include:
+ multiple sinks for log messages (including configurable behavior about when and where to drop messages)
+ Several bug fixes with Unicode and log_root directives.
+ Additional lager configuration checking
+ New configurable group leader IO behavior
+ Support abbreviated severity levels in log output
+ If a record contains “undefined” fields optionally omit them from output
+ Several test suite bug fixes
+ Several new tests to cover multiple sinks
+ OTP 17 compatibility
+ Makes the “high watermark” load shedding logic available to backends (if desired) and is implemented in the file backend (if desired.)
+ Bring in goldrush 0.1.7 for additional operators which may be used in trace(s).
There is also a 2.x maintenance branch and a 2.2.0 tag which has OTP 17 support and some minor bug fixes backported from 3.0 if you’re looking for OTP 17 support but aren’t ready to transition to 3.0 yet.
We also have a triaged list of issues for on lager which you may review at (but there are no firm release plans for a release right now.)
We hope you enjoy all of these new features in lager.
Mark Allen

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