Peer Stritzinger GmbH joins IEUG

By Industrial Erlang User Group | Published: July 17, 2015

Industrial Erlang User Group announces a new member, Peer Stritzinger GmbH. Peer Stritzinger joins the Board to become a new member.

Peer Stritzinger GmbH is producing Hydraprog automotive Electronic-Control-Unit (ECU) programming devices — using Erlang since 2007. In these devices, a great variety of automotive protocols is implemented in Erlang. Besides these uses Peer Stritzinger GmbH is pushing the envelope in embedded Erlang uses in industrial control systems that control the transport systems of large factories.

“We created and maintain the port of Erlang/OTP to the RTEMS hard real-time operating system, known as project Grisp. Extending Erlang to make it usable in new areas of application is our ongoing and future goal. Our next steps on this journey are hard real-time processing in pure Erlang and improving Erlang distribution to make it feasible in large networks also with unusual topologies.” says Mr. Peer Stritzinger.


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