Industrial Erlang User Group launches new frontend for Erlang Central

By Industrial Erlang User Group | Published: September 5, 2016

The Industrial Erlang User Group has launched a new frontend for Erlang Central, the community website for Erlang developers. The new frontend introduces a simplified design and improved user experience, to continue to serve as a platform to facilitate community activities within the Erlang community.

Erlang Central is a community website for people who work with or are interested in the Erlang programming language. Users use it for learning the Erlang language and for publishing and applying for Erlang-related jobs. Until today, Erlang Central has over 3800 registered users.

A new section, Developer Resources, will be launched at a later stage, which provides curated learning resources such as tutorials, hands-on guides, code samples, etc. to facilitate the learning experience for beginners and intermediates.

About Industrial Erlang User Group

The Industrial Erlang User Group is a non-profit organization consisting of a group of enterprise Erlang users, funding a range of activities focused on developing the Erlang community and broader adoption.

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