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By Industrial Erlang User Group | Published: April 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Chandru Mullaparthi was elected IEUG Chairman. Thank you for your participation in this process. A summary of the vote count is below and we will connect Mike Williams and Chandru Mullaparthi to settle details as regards the handover.

Vote count:
Chandru Mullaparthi – 5
Alistair Woodman – 4

The election closed at 2017-04-18 23:59:59 UTC-12

Sponsor Delegates for Sponsor Members:
* Altenwald, represented by Guillermo Rodríguez Navarrete
* Bet365, represented by Daniel Macklin
* Bluehouse Technology, represented by Chandru Mullaparthi
* Cisco Tail-f, represented by Sebastian Strollo
* Ericsson, represented by Kenneth Lundin
* Erlang Solutions, represented by Francesco Cersarini
* Klarna, represented by Richard Carlsson
* Machine Zone, represented by Gagan Singh
* Peer Stritzinger, represented by Peer Stritzinger


Chandru Mullaparthi (nominated by Mike Williams)
Mike: Chandru has been working with Erlang for 18 years and would be an excellent chairman.

Chandru about himself
I am currently Director of Bluehouse Technology where we are building products using a mix of technologies of which Erlang/OTP is one. I have been using Erlang/OTP since 1999 almost on a daily basis. I have used Erlang/OTP to build several mission critical systems in telecoms and betting domains.

Goals as IEUG Chairman
– Make the IEUG more active and well known in the community
– Oversee the transition of the IEUG to becoming an independent organisation from its current state
– Articulate the raison d’être for the IEUG in a compelling manner so that it can attract more members
– Support open source development using funds from the IEUG

My contributions to the Erlang community
– ibrowse: this was the first HTTP client for Erlang/OTP which was standards compliant and usable in production. It is still the most feature rich client in existence today for HTTP/1.1
– I championed the development of a SOAP library while at bet365 so that the gaps in Erlang’s capability set were filled. I wanted Erlang/OTP to remain a viable option in Enterprises and in my experience it was a glaring omission
– I have released, in the past week, an library to support OpenTracing in Erlang to ensure that Erlang remains relevant in the new “Cloud Native” world
– Since I have been on the board of the IEUG, I have been active in its operations to try and make it more relevant


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