“Help Wanted” on bugs.erlang.org

By Industrial Erlang User Group | Published: March 31, 2016

The Erlang/OTP team would like help from the open source community. Please contribute to Erlang by joining the discussion or helping to solve issues labelled as “Help Wanted”.

Since the launch of bugs.erlang.org, many issues have been reported by the open source community. You might have noticed that some issues are labelled as “Help Wanted”:


Contributing to Erlang/OTP:

1. Look for issues labelled as “Help Wanted”.
2. Discuss in the issue comment.
3. Agree on a solution/implementation.
4. Submit the code contribution as a pull request on Github.
5. An Erlang/OTP team member reviews the implementation and merges the change.

You can also contribute by joining the discussion in the comments under each issue.


About Industrial Erlang User Group

The Industrial Erlang User Group is a non-profit organization consisting of a group of enterprise Erlang users, funding a range of activities focused on developing the Erlang community and broader adoption.


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Bruce Yinhe, Community Manager, tel: +46 72 3114389, email: community-manager (@) erlang.org

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