Candidates for the IEUG Chairman

By Industrial Erlang User Group | Published: April 13, 2017

The following people have been nominated and accepted nomination as Chairman of the Industrial Erlang User Group for the term beginning in April 2017. Their summaries follow.

The election deadline has been extended to:
Apr 18, 2017 AoE – Election closes at 2017-04-18 23:59:59 UTC-12



1. Alistair Woodman

(nominated by Peer Stritzinger)

Peer: Alistair did already set up a 501c3 organization in tech so he would be perfect for us to finally make the next step.

Alistair about himself, his involvement, and goals

I have a background in product management and business development (see I’ve been independent for the last 5 years since leaving Cisco. I’m heavily engaged with the Open Source community via what used to be Quagga, now forked to FRR (Free Range Routing)

I work (pro bono) with the 501c3 (not-for-profit) organization NetDEF that does all the CI and testing ( The community recently organized ourselves under a Linux Foundation project umbrella (see: I joined the Erlang community over 8 years ago when I ‘found’ Tail-f and introduced their products to Cisco. Since that time, I’ve been an evangelist for Erlang.

A long-time friend and I founded a company last year Otolo Networks ( where we are building a data center scale BGP (Boarder Gateway Protocol) controller in Erlang.

Goals as IEUG chairman

1) Setup an independent not-for-profit foundation for the IEUG

2) Work on expanding the membership base. Outreach to more organizations (academic, not-for-profit, commercial)

3) Focus resources and attention on attracting more coders to the Beam community – the community and its businesses need more qualified engineers

My contributions to Erlang community

Funded the following Open Source Erlang projects

1) Native Erlang TCP stack (A Coruna, Otolo Networks & Quviq co-operation) (see:

2) Erlang on OSv ( (not-released yet)

3) Erlang IS-IS routing code


2. Chandru Mullaparthi

(nominated by Mike Williams)

Mike: Chandru has been working with Erlang for 18 years and would be an excellent chairman.

Chandru about himself

I am currently Director of Bluehouse Technology where we are building products using a mix of technologies of which Erlang/OTP is one. I have been using Erlang/OTP since 1999 almost on a daily basis.  I have used Erlang/OTP to build several mission critical systems in telecoms and betting domains.

Goals as IEUG Chairman

– Make the IEUG more active and well known in the community

– Oversee the transition of the IEUG to becoming an independent organisation from its current state

– Articulate the raison d’être for the IEUG in a compelling manner so that it can attract more members

– Support open source development using funds from the IEUG

My contributions to the Erlang community

– ibrowse: this was the first HTTP client for Erlang/OTP which was standards compliant and usable in production. It is still the most feature rich client in existence today for HTTP/1.1

– I championed the development of a SOAP library while at bet365 so that the gaps in Erlang’s capability set were filled. I wanted Erlang/OTP to remain a viable option in Enterprises and in my experience it was a glaring omission

– I have released, in the past week, an library to support OpenTracing in Erlang to ensure that Erlang remains relevant in the new “Cloud Native” world

– Since I have been on the board of the IEUG, I have been active in its operations to try and make it more relevant

Registering to vote:
While IEUG Membership is open to anyone that chooses to join, the following IEUG Members are entitled to vote on IEUG ballots:
* Sponsor Member (full)
* Sponsor Member (reduced)
Note that currently a voter may not propose himself or herself as chairman, but may vote for himself or herself.
Sponsor Delegates for Sponsor Members:
* Altenwald, represented by Guillermo Rodríguez Navarrete
* Bet365, represented by Daniel Macklin
* Bluehouse Technology, represented by Chandru Mullaparthi
* Cisco Tail-f, represented by Sebastian Strollo
* Ericsson, represented by Kenneth Lundin
* Erlang Solutions, represented by Francesco Cersarini
* Klarna, represented by Richard Carlsson
* Machine Zone, represented by Gagan Singh
* Peer Stritzinger, represented by Peer Stritzinger
About the Chairman role
The role of the Chair is to coordinate meetings of the board, circulate minutes of its meetings, act as the liaison point between the User Group, Ericsson and other parties and spokesperson for the User Group. Discussions of the board are confidential between the User Group members, except as may be agreed by the members.
As the governance model of IEUG is under development moving towards a Foundation, this definition of the role is subject to change upon feedback from the IEUG members.

About Industrial Erlang User Group

The Industrial Erlang User Group is a non-profit organization consisting of a group of enterprise Erlang users, funding a range of activities focused on developing the Erlang community and broader adoption.

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