ErlangCamp Austin USA – October 10th & 11th 2014

By Erlang Central | Published: August 5, 2014

ErlangCamp is being held in Austin. This Camp, like all ErlangCamps, will be an intensive two day learning experience focused on getting you up to speed on creating large scale, fault tolerant distributed applications in Erlang.

  • Fundamental Erlang (data types, functions, pattern matching, processes, anonymous functions, etc…)
  • OTP (gen servers, process supervision, fault tollerance via OTP, etc…)
  • Operationalization and packaging (applications, releases, deployment)
  • Distribution (nodes, registration, distributed mode, etc…)

It is a lot of information and we are pretty darn good at teaching it – we improve each year. This is a unique opportunity for individuals using, or wanting to use Erlang to get direct access to experts in building these large systems and be taught directly by those experts in a high interaction environment. The intention of ErlangCamp is to teach. To that end we have have found that we can only provide the interactive experience we desire by keeping the number of attendees low. So we only have around 100 seats available and those will go quickly.