Erlang Meta Testing, Revisited

By elbrujohalcon | Published: November 16, 2015


One thing that’s notably out of gadget’s reach is testing. That responsibility still lies in the hands of the developers. At Inaka we practice TDD, so we require devs to make sure that all tests pass and (when possible) that the code coverage for the project is at 100% before issuing a pull request. But we do notrequire them to run dialyzer, xref, etc.: We have Gadget for that.

Nevertheless, we found that it is very convenient to be able to check all those things along with the tests, a healthy habit that also aids in the process of TDD. We even coined borrowed a name for that: Meta-Testing.

It all started with the xref_SUITE, but then Rafał Studnicki, having read the aforementioned article, came up with this great meta-testing suite that he introduced in amoc: dialyzer_SUITE.

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