Elixir v1.0.1 has been released!

By brucify | Published: October 7, 2014



[Mix] Add MIX_ENV output to archive.build (as on escript.build)

Bug fixes

[CLI] Fix Elixir CLI when running on Cygwin
[ExUnit] Include stacktraces in ExUnit timeouts
[Mix] Load dependencies before deps.check compiles dependencies
[Mix] Ensure Mix.Config is deep merged
[Mix] Change version requirement in new apps to ~> MAJOR.MINOR
[Mix] Report correct location if local.hex fails and give higher priority to powershell install on Windows
[Mix] Ensure –elixirc-paths option for compile.elixir is a subset of the project :elixirc_paths configuration and it does not remove skipped entries from the manifest
[Mix] Ensure compile.elixir writes to manifest when files are removed
[Mix] Ensure compile.elixir purges and deletes modules before compiling
[Mix] Do not crash on malformed proxy env var
[Stream] Ensure chunk/4 works correctly when halted
[System] Do not allow relative paths in System.cmd/3 as documented
[System] Fix :stderr_to_stdout option in System.cmd/3

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