ejabberd 16.06 released

By mremond | Published: July 11, 2016

ejabberd development team is proud to introduce our new ejabberd release, ejabberd 16.06. As usual it includes many bug fixes, but also several improvements.

The big improvement in this release is a new Access Control List (ACL) infrastructure. ACL rules are used in ejabberd config file to define fine-grained access to ejabberd features.

In ejabberd 16.06, the ACL configuration has been much improved to make it both simpler to use and easier to read. Moreover, ACL and access rules are not mandatory anymore when configuring access restrictions for a feature or a module: You can just inline the user, for example, making small configuration much easier to setup properly.

To make you even more comfortable, our new code is still supporting the old syntax and you can mix old and new syntax. It means that you can still use your existing configuration file and that you can migrate incrementally, as needed.

You can read the details of the announcement on ProcessOne blog: ejabberd 16.06.

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