Cowboy 1.0 has been released

By Erlang Central | Published: August 5, 2014

Cowboy is a small and fast HTTP server for Erlang with support for 
Webmachine-like REST, Websocket and more.

Please see the CHANGELOG for details on what's changed.

This release marks the beginning of the 1.0.x branch which will contain 
backward compatible fixes. This branch will be maintained at least until 
Cowboy 2.0 gets released (longer if sponsors request it). It is highly 
recommended that you follow this branch if you were following master 
before, as master will receive backward incompatible changes starting 

Cowboy is now fully documented. It has a user guide, a function 
reference manual, and a wealth of examples. You can also install man 
pages as explained in the README of the project.


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