CouchDB 2.0 Developer Preview released

By brucify | Published: November 17, 2014

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This is an early, still in-development version of CouchDB. It is a significant departure from the 1.x series and will be foundation of the 2.0 version and beyond.

The target audience of this release are people who use CouchDB today and want to see what the future brings.

The CouchDB community is requesting feedback on the following areas:

  • New Features
  • Compatibility with existing software
  • Bug reports

Please report your findings to the Developer Maling List or the Issue Tracker.


We are working pre-built binaries, until then, follow these installation steps.


  • Erlang (R14B or R16B or later)
  • Spidermonkey 1.8.5
  • libicu-dev
  • rebar
  • Node.js with npm (for Fauxton, the web UI)

See the CouchDB Install file and the Fauxton Readme for more detailed instrucitons on how to get the prerequisits set up.

With this all in place, run the following commands: 

  git clone
  npm install -g grunt-cli
  cd couchdb
  git checkout developer-preview-2.0

The last command starts a three node cluster on the ports 15984, 25984 and 35984. They represent the endpoints in a three node cluster and you can connect to either one of them to access the full cluster.

To get started, visit Fauxton, the new web UI at

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