Couchbeam v1.1.1 released, a simple #Erlang library for #CouchDB

By brucify | Published: November 13, 2014

Couchbeam 1.1.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release. See more on:

Couchbeam is a simple erlang library for Apache CouchDB. Couchbeam provides you a full featured and easy client to access and manage multiple couchdb Nodes.

Main features:

  • Complete support of the CouchDB API
  • Stream view results to your app
  • Stream changes feeds
  • reduced memory usage
  • fetch and send attachments in a streaming fashion
  • by default use the JSX module to encode/decode JSON
  • support Jiffy a JSON encoder/decoder in C.


Useful modules are:

  • couchbeam: The couchbeam module is the main interface for interaction with this application. It includes functions for managing connections to CouchDB servers and Couchdb Databases and for performing document creations, updates, deletes, views…
  • couchbeam_doc Module to manipulate Documents structures. You can set values, updates keys, …
  • couchbeam_attachments: Module to manipulate attachments. You can add, remove attachments in a Document structure (inline attachments).
  • couchbeam_view: Module to manage view results.
  • couchbeam_changes: Module to manage changes feeds in couchdb. Follow continuously the changes in a db or get all changes at once.

The goal of Couchbeam is to give all access to CouchDB 1.0 and sup API via HTTP in erlang.

Read the NEWS file to get last changelog.

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