Claudia Doppioslash – Building a Graphical IDE

By Erlang Central | Published: November 24, 2016


I will demonstrate how a complex application, an IDE for one of the visual PLC languages (Programmable Logic Controllers), can be built with Elm, and our experience of porting it to Purescript.

The PLC programming language is compiled to BEAM files and runs in the Erlang VM in a distributed way. I will show how the client side is talking via Websockets with a Cowboy handler on the Erlang side.

I will also give an overview of the choices available to develop web apps in Purescript, and how Elm, Purescript and Haskell compare with each other.

Talk objectives:

  • Get an overview of Elm and Purescript
  • Experience report after using Elm for a real life complex project with deadlines.
  • Experience report of porting an Elm program to Purescript

Target audience:

  • Frontend developers who are tired of Javascript
  • Developers interested in Functional languages for frontend
  • Developers interested in Elm or Purescript